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This is the official version of the license for all the fonts (except where noted). It supersedes any other licenses circulating.

I am employing a very generous license with these fonts (the way I think most software should be) for a number of reasons. Mainly though, it is because I would be making fonts regardless of whether I was distributing them or not, and because I know that people benefit from the fact that I give them away. I take enough stuff for free and it makes me feel good to know that I am 'giving back'.

Here is the license. You are free to download and use these fonts without my explicit permission for anything you want, except for the following:

  • You may NOT* resell the actual font files (without my written permission and without having to give me something in return). This includes but is not limited to selling it on a Font CD (even when the fee involved is a nominal "distribution" or "handling" fee, or some similar thing), or distributing it on a site which charges a fee per font download. (In contrast, a pay-per-hour service such as America Online is free to distribute the fonts.)
  • You may not misrepresent the creator of the font (pretend you made them)
  • You may not adapt them to different fonts without my permission.
  • You may not modify the font files for subsequent redistribution.

However, you have permission to do the following:

  • Use them to make graphics for your home page, non-profit web page, or commerical web site.
  • Give them to your friends for free.
  • Make them available (for free) on your web page, as long as you don't pretend you made them. It'd be nice of you to include this README file, too.
  • Use them in design work that you get paid for.
  • Use them in any smalltime publications or fliers or other non mass-produced literature.
  • Make commercial products like T-shirts or Mugs or Books using the fonts and sell them. In this case, since you are indirectly profiting off of my work, I ask that you send me one of the T-shirts or Mugs or Books free, where reasonable. Obviously some discretion on your part is due; but try to be fair. If it is inappropriate for you to send me one of your product, at least make an attempt to write me an e-mail at tom7 (a) (same as the username).org and let me know where the font is being used.

Exception to the above: The fonts (or converted versions of them) may be included on any recognized distribution of the Linux and (Open/Net/Free)BSD operating systems, even if the CD is sold. Please include the readme.

* "Not", as in, "Not without my permission". I regularly give permission for this sort of thing, so if you want to redistribute the fonts for a fee, let me know and we can probably work something out. Generally I simply request a copy of the CD or magazine or whatever.

For my mailing address, please first use the e-mailing address, .

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